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When my sister died at age 12 while I was in medical school, I realised how profoundly different healthcare resources, available in developed countries, compared to developing countries. After finishing medical school, despite being born and raised in the UK, I decided to build a business that would help, albeit in a small way, bridge this gap. I started an air ambulance service in Nigeria that has provided services in over 30 countries across Africa and responded to over 5000 emergencies.

Through running the business, I became exposed to the world of finance and fell in love with the way that capital, used in the correct way, can become such a huge catalyst for change in the world. I then stepped down from running the air ambulance company, though I remain on the board, to pursue a full-time career in finance, co-founding Greentree Fund I in 2015/16, a sector agnostic venture capital fund focused on Fintech.

One of the first investments we made was in a company called Paystack, which was acquired by Stripe for $200m. While completing my Masters in Finance majoring in Economic Policy, I started a second fund focused exclusively on fintech and healthtech. We are now deploying a third fund while raising our fourth, which should reach the first close of $20m in the next few months, with the same focus on healthtech and fintech in Africa.

The Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company also invests in healthcare infrastructure projects across Africa. I am passionate about bringing technological innovation to healthcare systems through increasing access to financing for health-tech entrepreneurs, enabling them to scale their business.

This will bring about a sea change. I see the way technology has revolutionised all our lives; the way we search for information, build relationships, transact, and trade. Technology will allow us to increase accessibility to medical treatments and bring down costs - two things that are essential to establishing a good healthcare system in the modern world. Also, there is an important link between healthcare and economic growth. By investing in healthcare, we are creating jobs, improving the economy and providing security for communities.