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From trainee roles to an executive position, there were countless personal and professional lessons I learnt in my life. I am a woman that’s guided by my determination for self-development and transformation, which remains in constant evolution, and confirms the reason for my strong presence among the 0.4% of black women CEOs in Brazil. But, I’ll admit, it wasn't always like that as I used to struggle with my confidence and self-esteem, so I didn’t consistently pursue the industry I desired once I secured my qualifications. Despite my 12 years of experience as an executive leading the strategic development of national and international businesses in the private sector, I used to doubt myself and I was waiting for a mentor, or anyone, to rescue me from this feeling.

I thought that people were supposed to help me and validate me and that was a tricky path and process to unlearn. While having a support system is ideal, I can’t force it, especially if I’m not loving and supporting myself. It’s not up to anyone else to change the way I see myself, it’s up to me. So, I started to self-reflect and question myself constantly: why wasn’t I chasing the international organisations that I wanted? Why wasn’t I pursuing the career that I know I was made to do? It took a little while, but I realised that I was being my own enemy, and I had to succeed myself. That reflection, as well as speaking with God, helped me to understand that I do have what it takes to pursue my goals. That’s when I took the leap and launched my own business, teaching black Brazilians who are in need of professional opportunities to become bilingual, trilingual and a polyglot, helping them to stand out in their careers.

I am now also the leader of the Education Working Group at Black Win, which is the first Brazilian platform that supports black women to become angel investors, connecting them to the innovation ecosystem and investment opportunities in black-owned businesses. I follow and develop my career around a clear mission: to occupy spaces previously unimaginable, to help businesses to evolve, to give back to society their acquired knowledge and be a part of international organisations.