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I didn’t grow up with people who worked in the finance industry. My mother worked in human resources, having started in the private sector before moving to the public sector. By having an open-minded mother who always encouraged me to explore my interests and didn’t limit my career options, I began to consider the possibility of a career in finance (and acting!), although it did take me a while to figure out where I fit in within the sector.

I initially studied economics at university but, six weeks into the course, decided to make the switch to law. The irony is that following a law-related internship at an investment bank, I now work back in finance and don’t really use my law degree at all. Some people might have looked at that and wondered if I was confused and, to be honest, I probably was! Some people have said to me: “Okay, you now work in finance – why didn’t you just stick with economics?”. At the time, studying economics wasn’t right for me but, right now, working in finance is. To get to where I am now, I had to go through all those changes and experiences.

Nothing in life is permanent or fixed. We can always try and change our situation. It doesn’t matter if my decisions don’t make sense to others as long as they make sense to me. Life is ultimately about continued self-discovery.